Century’s old Ayurvedic regime is rigorously followed to give the best possible treatments to the guest who wants to experience complete well being through these treatments.

The Swosti Premium is home to some of the best Spa treatments that you can get in the whole of Odisha. The Ayurvedic Spa treatment at the Swosti Premium follows the thousand year old unbroken tradition of Ayurveda and is a synthesis between the age old traditional sciences of Ayurveda and modern Spa technology.

Going to the spa on a regular basis is a great way to meet the health goals that you have set for yourself. Not only does it act as a panacea for de-stressing, detoxification & cleansing but has other deep rooted benefits and is known to help experience visible benefits like deep relaxation, anti-aging, weight loss as well as relief from asthma, allergy, hypertension, spine and neck problems etc. Coupled with the right dietary choice, healthy nutritional practice and yogic exercises these nature cures by herbal massages that are given by experts tone up the body, mind and soul.

Synchronised Massage

Very unique type of Massage where two Therapist will be giving The Massage applying the same kind of pressure on the body in several position. It has much deeper and more for reaching effects than an ordinary massage using mineral Oils and lotions. Increases tissue strength, Improves blood circulation, Delays aging, Induces sound sleep, Promotes Vitality.


Continuous stream of medicated lukewarm oil is poured as an even stream on to the forehead continuously to pacify. According to Ayurveda “head ” is the root of human body and hence this procedure has holistic relaxing effect throughout the body. Ideal for relieving stress and strain and provides peace of mind.

Kerala Massage Therapy

Kerala Massage Therapy
Duration ( Minutes )Rate (INR)Service Tax (12.36%)
Bhyangam (Uzhichil)30500 61.80
Synchronised Massage (Rhythmical Body Massage)
(Saturday & Sunday only)
Special Massage3050061.80
General Massage451200148.32
Choorna Swedam (kizhi Powder Sudation)601000123.60
Pizhichil (Oil Bath)601200148.32
Sirodha & Abhyangam45850105.06
Relaxation Body mind and soul2025030.90

Special Packages

Special Packages
Duration ( Minutes ) Rate (INR)Service Tax (12.36%)
RejuvenationDay1: Synchronised Massage

Day2: Synchronised Massage with Steam

Day3: Synchronised Massage
3 Days, 45 Minutes / day2000247.20
Stress ManagementDay1: Synchronised Massage

Day2: Synchronised Massage with Sirodha & Abhyangam

Day3: Synchronised Massage
3 Days, 45 Minutes / day2500309.00
Relaxation of Body Mind and SoulSirodha & Abhyangam with Steam Bath.3 Days, 45 Minutes / day3000370.80
GeriatricFor Older People3 Days, 45 Minutes / day2500309.00